The Gift

I am a hero.  I saved a life.  Every year I'm reminded of this on my birthday when the LSA (Leukemia Society of America) sends me a thank you card.  I'm quite literally a "one in a million" phenomenon. Read more »


My second son, Brent, grew up on the shadow of his elder brother, Christopher, the superstar.  Having a brother who is at the top of his class in every subject, is the Vermont State decathlete, winner of the We The People Competition, first trombone in the band and jazz band, and a three season varsity starter could have been daunting.  Instead, Brent was developed his own super power. As he told me once, "Mom, I have something no one else has." I thought he would say a witty sense of humor or a charming personality. Read more »


Heroic Scars

Some scars are visible reminders of the vicissitudes of life.  We get bumped, bruised and cut up by the physical nature of our existence.  They are medals of honor for the risks we take and survive.  I'm particularly proud of the six miniscule scars that run in two parallel rows down either side of my hips.  These scars attest to my altruistic desire to make the world a better place for having lived here. Read more »


When someone looked up at me! Chapter #1

I was asleep for 3 1/2 hours until I woke up. I walked around and dwdaled for a while, I even looked for something to do. But there wasn't any thing at all. MY book shelf was completely empty. My TV wouldn't turn on, neither my laptop. I asked myself, "What is going on here? Are Mom and Dad still sleeping? It is very quiet. Where are all the animals?" I was starting to freak out a lot.

I stopped freaking out over the whole situation after I yelled for Mom and Dad to come. "Mom? Dad? Where are you? Are you awake?" Read more »


Trees that follow you around

    I heard something follow me. I looked behind my back as I was walking, and I saw a tree following me.


I'll think of you as I go



Verse 1: I'll think of you as I go

So when I leave you're not alone

So no matter where we are we will never be that far

Cause I will think of you as I go


Verse 2: I'll think of you as I dream

So when it's dark you'll be with me Read more »



You don't have to lie

I know it was you

You stepped in the dog food

and also his poo


You went in the bathroom

to clean off your shoe

but chose my new bathtowel

to wipe off the goo


I don't mean to grumble

or be a real pest

but when you have problems

it's best to confess


It's good to admit things

get them off of your chest

Being honest and upfront

is always the best.


Now having said that

you might think I'm through Read more »

Screen Free Wouldn't Affect Me

Instead of TV, I'd watch the sunset.

Instead of videos, I'd giggle at the antics of my puppy.

Instead of computers, I'd read and write the old fashioned way - books, paper and ink.

Instead of smart phones, I'd invite people over and talk to them in person.

Being screen free would actually free me to experience reality more fully!

Middle School Writing Challenge--Sponsored by VPR

VPR-YWP Vermont Reads Writing Challenge

Write about Middle School for a VPR commentary!

Young Writers Project and Vermont Public Radio want your best writing for commentaries on the topic of middle school!

This challenge is for all middle school students to write about their experiences in middle school and/or about issues and topics presented in the book, "Wonder," this year's choice for Vermont Reads. Read more »

The Dog's Perspective of the Christmas Tree

Okay, now I'm totally confused.  When my mom takes me for walks, she always praises me for doing my business on a tree, telephone pole or other tall thing.  I like this since leaving my mark in a high place is great advertising for finding other furry friends.  The higher I can hit, the more notice I'm giving to the world that Zeus is here!   Read more »

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